Ely, Nevada
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At Gianoli Husbands PLLC, our work every day is driven by our clients' best interests.

We recognize that legal issues can be complex and daunting and that people and businesses often come to lawyers in their greatest moment of need or troubling times.  We founded our firm with this in mind.  Simply stated, our goal is to help you navigate the complexities of your legal issues, and provide sound, competent advice consistent with your best interests.

We carry out this purpose with a mission statement that demonstrates our unflinching commitment to our clients, our community, and effective, practical advocacy.

We are committed to our clients. 

  • At Gianoli Husbands PLLC, our clients are our most important asset.  We safeguard this asset by following the commands of the rules that guide us as lawyers.  We are responsive in our communications with clients, work diligently to obtain results tailored to our clients’ best interests and provide a friendly yet serious business environment that enables our clients to feel confident that their legal issues will be competently handled.

We are committed to our community.

  • As lawyers and residents of the place where we work, we are stewards and trustees of the community.  We fill this role through our focus on helping individuals and businesses with their legal needs.  We participate in and support non-profit and business organizations that aim to enhance the local community and offer to provide free legal counsel, where appropriate, to local charitable groups.  We enhance the community by offering a business environment that is welcoming to all.  Lastly, as your neighbors and partners with you in our community, we understand and respect where you live and work.

We are committed to effective and practical advocacy.

  • As lawyers, we are effective and practical advocates for our clients.  We accomplish this by understanding our clients’ needs and working hard for the results they desire.  We utilize the latest technology in our office to maximize efficiency and streamline our services.  We begin every new client relationship and matter by asking about our client's goals and developing a strategy to achieve those goals.


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